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Welcome to Pied Piper Publishing!

We publish Fantasy Role Playing Games in both print and PDF formats.

Our Commitment

We provide adventurers with Pathways to Enchantment. Our own path to adventure has been forged with 30 years of game design experience.

What does this mean to the DMs and players of our products? Simply put, in all our products you will find a commitment to the highest level of Creativity.

The Pied Piper Message Boards

Join us in open discussion about all things Fantasy on our messageboards!

The El Raja Key Magic Emporium

Announcing a monthly issuance drawn forth from the depths of El Raja Key's treasury of all things magical.

To receive your monthly view into the fabled trove of El Raja Key's reserved knowledges and powers, send an e-mail with your name to . Your name and e-mail address will be added to El Raja Key's list, and you will soon begin receiving his monthly sendings! (Your e-mail address and name will be kept in confidence and used only for the purposes and announcements of the great El Raja Key!)

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