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Greetings, Maure Castle fans! In the wake of the cancellation of the DUNGEON Magazine license by Wizards of the Coast, Rob has decided to make some Maure Castle content available free of charge, so that those who are currently running a Maure Castle campaign will be able to complete it. The first offering in this section is The Mysterious Maure.

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Eric Nelson Shook

Eric has been a longtime wargamer and TSR insider by virtue of growing up next door to Rob Kuntz and down the street from Gary Gygax. In fact, Eric's mom (Karen Nelson, Artist: WG4), had her boots fixed by Gary when he was the town cobbler, long before he published D&D -- and believe it or not, those fine walking boots came back +2, all clickity-slick!

While playing in Rob's Greyhawk/World of Kalibruhn campaign, Eric worked in the Dungeon Hobby Shop's Shipping Department and was the 5th employee of the RPGA. He wrote the obscure Gen Con South Tournament module: Eye of the Bog. He helped out at several Gen Cons and local fantasy conventions, represented the Dungeon Hobby Shop at Midwest conventions and traveled afar to run RPGA sanctioned events.

Eventually, Eric went freelance, joining in partnership with Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz to help complete publication of the Greyhawk Campaign.

His first Greyhawk™ involvement was as Project Manager for WG4 - The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun, which he took to press in 2 weeks.

Next, Gary handed Eric a 5-page manuscript summarizing Steve Marsh's Starstrands semi-plane setting. Since the underpinning of the idea was literally a web hanging between the planes, Eric worked this up into a concept that would combine all of TSR's current RPG releases into a kind of nexus plane, which included content and rules reconciliations between Gangbusters, Boot Hill, Gamma World, Greyhawk, Space Jammer, Top Secret, Blackmoor & Empire of the Petal Throne, along with materials from his own world - Grison Fend and the Greek and Indian mythos. Sadly, TSR's product lines were destined to continue along unreconciled lines and this project stopped around page 80-something of the projected 240 pages of work.

During this same period, Eric contributed map work to EX1 - Dungeonlands; EX2 - The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror; WG4 - The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun; WG5 - Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure; and WG? - The Maze of Xaene (unpublished by TSR, later published by Creations Unlimited as the Maze of Zayene series).

In addition to playing in Rob's Greyhawk/World of Kalibruhn campaign, Eric played in many of the campaign settings of the day and play-tested numerous games including works by Tom Moldvay, Skip Williams, Jean Wells, Tom Wham, Gary Gygax, Joe Fischer, Jim Ward, and many more. Eric was involved in play-testing Rob's games "Magus" and "Kings and Things," and contributed to the initial version of the Happy Hunting Grounds section of Rob's Maze of Zayene.

Eric is also a combat veteran, having served 5 years as one of the Navy's first Aegis Operations Specialists aboard the "First and Formidable," USS Ticonderoga, (CG-47). During his service, Eric wrote the definitive training manual on Aegis Tactical Information Coordination, which was accepted immediately into Navy Archives.

Since then, Eric has served many companies as an information technology & business writer, copywriter and trainer. However, his greatest love has always been Fantasy Role Playing, to which he now returns with absolute dedication.

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