Bottle City™ Update

Posted: 01/24/07

After several months of tough negotiating with our current printer I was able to finally get some major numbers reduced to make Bottle City in both releases a bound-book product. This change only enhances the value of both product offerings and we are excited to share this news with those who not only ordered the limited edition, but are equally excited to share this news with those awaiting the standard edition of this product.

The contents of each edition have not changed, so this is mostly "cosmetic" in the perceived sense. Click here for a preview of the front cover.

PPP is always striving to hand our loyal customers the best products at the most efficient pricing and at the same time still maintain our own publishing efforts. We believe that this change for BC in both editions is a positive reflection of that commitment.

Thank you for your patronage.

Robert J.  Kuntz
President, Pied Piper Publishing

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