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Greetings, Maure Castle fans! In the wake of the cancellation of the DUNGEON Magazine license by Wizards of the Coast, Rob has decided to make some Maure Castle content available free of charge, so that those who are currently running a Maure Castle campaign will be able to complete it. The first offering in this section is The Mysterious Maure.



Posted: 02/13/07

We wish to thank all those collectors and fans who participated in the recent auction to raise money for Pied Piper's publishing efforts. The auction was a success because of that!

We also wish to extend personal thanks to Alan Silcock and ASGI for their invaluable assistance which made the auction a reality, and to Paul Stormberg of the Collector's Trove who graciously waived all fees and expenses involved with the auction. True champions, indeed!

Rob Kuntz
Pied Piper Publishing

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