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Lance Hawvermale to Edit COSK

Posted: 06/02/06

Author Lance Hawvermale has signed on to edit Cairn of the Skeleton King.
Lance Hawvermale has taken upon the mantle of primary editor for the Cairn of the Skeleton King project. Many of you might be familiar with his work as he has been playing games for aeaons and involved in the RPG industry as writer, designer, and editor during that time. His credits include:

Seeing Pink (under the pseudonym Erin O'Rourke), 2003
Five Star, an imprint of Gale
ISBN 078625632X (hardcover), 1410402177 (paperback)

Fugitive Shoes (under the pseudonym Erin O'Rourke), April 2006
Five Star
ISBN 1594144443

Short Stories
"Asterisk for a Spy" Astounding Tales, September '04
"Propheteering" Alternate Realities, July '01
"Why There is No Thunder When It Snows" Aphelion, April '01
"Halo Mass" Ideomancer, July '01
"The Goldilocks Zone" Planet Magazine, March '01 (award winner)
"Cry Cat the Truth" Digital Catapult, December '00 (award winner)
"Jack-o'-lantern Moon" Westview, Fall/Winter '97

"Today's Inspiration" ByLine, March 2005
"Anything in Mexico" ByLine, September 2005 (award winner)

"A Vision in Ice" Stillwater Living, August '04 (award winner)
"American Scenes" Westview, Spring/Summer '98

RPG Books (roleplaying)
What Evil Lurks, a 48-page game module, Necromancer Games, April '02
Raise the Dead, adventure anthology, Necromancer Games, March '03
A Lamentation of Thieves, a 96-page game module, Necromancer Games, September '03
The Bonegarden, a 128-page game module, Necromancer Games, March '04
Dead Man's Chest, a 200-page sourcebook, Necromancer Games, June '05

Elemental Moon, coming 2007 from Necromancer Games

Contributing Writer
Gary Gygax's Necropolis, Necromancer Games, August '02
Tome of Horrors, d20 monster compilation, Necromancer Games, Fall '02
Sprawl Survival Guide, Shadowrun sourcebook, FanPro, July '03
The Book of Familiars, Troll Lord Games, May '04
Tome of Horrors III, Necromancer Games, Spring '06

Chaos Rising, a d20 game module, Necromancer Games, February '02
Vampires and Liches, adventure anthology, Necromancer Games, June '03
Aberrations, a d20 game module, Necromancer Games, Winter '04

Design Team
Player's Guide to the Wilderlands (Judge's Guild), Necromancer Games, November '03

RPG Articles and Adventures (TSR/WotC)
Polyhedron Magazine, issue #147, July '01
Living Greyhawk Journal, issue # 2, November '00
Dungeon Magazine, issue #80, July '00 (feature adventure)
Polyhedron Magazine, issue #140, February '00
Polyhedron Magazine, issue #139, December '99
Dragon Magazine, issue #257, March '99
Polyhedron Magazine, issue #130, June '98
Dungeon Magazine, issue #67, March '98
Dungeon Magazine, issue #62, November '96

2006 Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.

1st Place - Poetry Book
1st Place - Poetry, Rhymed Short
1st Place - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror Short Story
2nd Place - Western Novel
3rd Place - Mainstream Novel
Hon. Mention - Short-Short Story
Hon. Mention - Nostalgia Prose

2005 Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.
1st Place - Feature Article
1st Place - Poetry, Unrhymed Long
2nd Place - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror Short Story
3rd Place - Romance Novel
3rd Place - Mystery Novel

Moderator, "Agent and Editor Q&A"
"Blogging as a Promotional Tool"
"Overcoming Obstacles in Novel Writing"
"Inventing Inspiration"
"Poetry for Kids"

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