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El Raja Key's Arcane TreasuryEl Raja Key's Arcane Treasury
by Rob Kuntz
96 page Perfect Bound
Availability: Early third quarter release

El Raja Key's Arcane Treasury (click here for a front cover preview) details a wide range of magical items with unique and imaginative capabilities. Discover the mysteries of the Scroll of Temporalities and the Sand Cubes of Nomilmon.  Confound your foes with The Amulet of Abhorred Destiny, the Hour Glass of Time Displacement, or the Dimension Cube.  The wondrous items detailed in this miscellany range in power from those suitable for use by introductory characters up through artifacts to challenge high-level PCs, and offer a finer sensibility of inspiration, texture, and detail. El Raja Key's Arcane Treasury is the perfect sourcebook, gleaned from Rob Kuntz’s various materials relating to the Land of Brass, The World of Kalibruhn™ and the original Lake Geneva Campaign™. A must have for GMs who wish to challenge and engage their players at any time during a campaign!

Deluxe Edition: With Daemonic & Arcane Limited Edition: $40.00 (200 copies, signed and numbered).
Standard Edition: $24.95; signed by Rob Kuntz (200 copies)

Publisher's Note: ERK's Arcane Treasury replaces "Campaign Treasures" and will include artifacts and never before published magic items from the Land of Brass, World of Kalibruhn™ and from the Original Lake Geneva Campaign™, all written and designed by Rob Kuntz.

Those sponsors who ordered CT will have their orders fulfilled with ERK's AT. Its page count remains the same as does the price, both in combination with D&A or when purchased alone. Thanks again for your continued patronage of PPP!

Daemonic & Arcane Limited Edition Daemonic & Arcane Standard Edition
Daemonic & Arcane
by Rob Kuntz
16 Page LGC&C™ Release
Price (Standard Edition): $10.95
Limited Edition available only as a Deluxe Set (see above) with ERK's Arcane Treasury

Twenty-five highly detailed pieces of arcana from Original Campaign! Includes historical commentary, campaign notes about their origins in print and in play, and additional footnoted material. The Special Edition of this comes with reproductions of the original manuscript/notes from the Red Book, Rob Kuntz's sourcebook wherein all material relating to the Original Campaign was kept. A piece of D&D™ history updated and expanded for inclusion in your campaign.

Extracted from the Introduction by Rob Kuntz:

Weird demons, unholy spells, planar gates, and other enchantments were prevalent in the Original Campaign: PCs journeyed to Mars, Demonworld, to the Realm of Vahalla, to an isle with a gargantuan ape, were assaulted by magical furniture (the Living Room), totally confused by a level with conveyor belts and sundry other contraptions (the Machine Level), and contested those beings from the Grecian mythology (my Horsing Around level), to name but a few of the many challenging and imaginative settings they encountered. Their adventures were, one might note, never so taken up with the mundane, so too their discoveries of strange magic, arcane spells, and other “goodies” well-earned through such challenges were on par with the idea of keeping them as unique and mysterious as the settings from which they had spawned. No “ho-hum” here, lest that might be grunted by a Jotun in Vahalla just before malletting an unsuspecting PC!

I jest a bit, but what is the purpose of playing fantasy role-playing games if not, or eventually, to find and gently--or sometimes joltingly -- pull back its many-colored curtain to discover those areas moving behind it otherwise unplumbed, and which temptingly beckon us to taste of their equally rich enchantments as we have done with their other flavorful parts? Find hereafter some select and evocative pieces of “fantasy” from the Original Campaign that were pursued at various times by its many players and during those chases opened up for them fantastic vistas, dreams and nightmares inherent to an ever expanding concept of what fantasy truly was then, and what it still can be for those seeking to explore its full range of imaginative possibilities.

The Scepter of King Robert the 1st: This golden scepter is filigreed with lions and dragons all in the rampant position. Etched in silver words spiralling about its handle is the phrase: “Gold is Power.”

Author’s Historical Commentary: This is one of the oldest surviving relics from the Original Campaign. When the map for it was contrived, and in concert with related matter being included in the earliest Domesday Books, King Robert 1st 2 was ostensibly made the ruler of the Great Kingdom there, since changed through multitudinous remakings into what it is today in published form. His court has entertained such luminaries as the Lord of the Green Dragons™ and Lord Ayelerach, to name but a few. . . .

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