Categories: General
      Date: Aug 9, 2006
     Title: Note on Shipping Costs

The price of international shipping has gone up.

Rob: "The cost for International shipping will be going up as I sorely mis-estimated it. Consider the intial savings as a boon from PPP, but we cannot afford to continue taking a loss here. Canadian and USA shipping will not change, as I seem to have estimated those correctly. In all, PPP will lose close to $300.00 on international shipping costs. The rise will reflect actual costs as I monitored them at the PO, notes I made there and studying the receipt. I would say that, on the average, that PPP is losing $6.00 per order, more or less."

Current shipping costs are as follows for both {cms_selflink page='36' text='Cairn of the Skeleton King'} and {cms_selflink page='63' text='Tower of Blood'}: USA (Media Mail) -- $4.00 for one copy and $1.00 per additional copy; Canada (Air Mail) -- $4.00 for one copy and $1.25 per additional copy; International (Air Mail) -- $7.50 for one copy, $12.00 for two copies, and $1.50 per additional copy up to 5 total copies. For additional shipping options, or for a shipping quote on quantities greater than 5 copies, please .