DG Flex Review

Choosing a broker is one of the most vital decisions of your trading career and one that shouldn’t be made thoughtlessly. It is tempting to go with the first option that you find or is recommended to you by someone, but this can be a mistake. Bear in mind that your needs may not be the same as the next trader, so just because others find a platform suitable is no guarantee you would too. Therefore, checking out this DG Flex review is a must, regardless of how many people suggest you go with it.

Some traders prioritize customer support, while others may be more concerned about the asset offerings. Likewise, others are more focused on security and are willing to adjust with whatever account options may be given. You need to consider your own needs and then determine what you are getting into. Based in Warsaw, Poland, DG Flex was founded by SP ZOO SEPUR and this forex and CFD brokerage has become very popular. How has it managed this? Continue reading to find out:

No compromise on safety and security

The fact that DG Flex has made absolutely no compromises on the safety and security of their clients is undoubtedly a point in their favor. They protect all data through the use of 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption on their website. They have also opted to maintain segregated accounts for their clients, which keep their deposits safe from misuse and misappropriation.

In addition, you will find that DG Flex adheres to the notable AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies, which can add a layer of security to their platform. This is because all accounts have to be verified with proof of identity and proof of residence documents and this can mitigate the risk of money laundering, identity theft and financial fraud.

Modern trading solution

Another solid offering of DG Flex that undoubtedly impresses anyone who signs up with them is their modern trading platform. They have used innovative trading technology for developing a powerful, feature-rich yet simple solution for their clients. It is a web-based platform, which makes it accessible on any device that you have handy, whether it is PC, tablet or smartphone. This allows you the flexibility that you cannot find elsewhere.

The highly intuitive interface of the DG Flex trading platform also ensures easy navigation. The use of advanced technology also delivers quick trade execution, so you don’t miss any movements. Most importantly, a horde of trading tools has also been added, including an economic calendar, live charts, graphs, technical indicators, trading signals, price alerts, and more.

Flexible account options for every trader

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner just starting out or have been trading for a while, the number of account options that you will find at DG Flex make it easier for you to choose a suitable one. They have come up with a total of six flexible options that are quite diverse and meant to accommodate every type and category of trader. The options start with Standard and then move onto Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP and PRO accounts.

The minimum deposit for each of these accounts is $10,000, $250,000, $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 and $1,000,000. Different features have been added in every account at DG Flex to help traders enjoy their experience. These include daily market news, trading academy, market reviews, account manager, sessions with analysts, an invitation to VIP events, VIP advisor, and managed portfolio, different amount of leverage, daily market signals, wealth manager, live streaming of webinars, one-on-one sessions with analyst, account monitoring and in-depth research, amongst others.

Final Thoughts

You will also find that DG Flex gives you access to some of the top global financial markets on their platform, has added round-the-clock and professional customer support for your ease and kept their registration process simple and hassle-free to allow you to begin your trading journey as quickly as possible.

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