OrbitGTM Review

The offerings of the online broker you choose for trading in the financial markets will have a significant impact on your overall trading experience. Thus, you have to opt for one that can offer you the best possible services and features and this OrbitGTM review can play an important role in this process.

When you begin searching for an online broker, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the options and simply choose the first one you come across. However, this is definitely not a smart move when profiting is your goal. You need to ensure that the one you sign up with has professional and dependable services that can come in handy. Based in the Commonwealth of Dominica and established by Aurora Solutions LTD, OrbitGTM is a forex and CFD brokerage that gives you access to various markets. Regardless, you need to know its potential and this review can shine the light:

Safety comes first

One of the most prominent things that you will discover about OrbitGTM is that safety of its clients comes first for the broker and this is definitely a point in their favor. They have not taken the cybersecurity risks lightly and have developed protocols that can mitigate them as much as possible. How? They have opted to use 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption on their website that protects all the data that you share with them.

Secondly, segregated accounts are maintained at OrbitGTM and this means your funds are kept in separate accounts and not used for anything other than trading. They also adhere to the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies and this helps in minimizing the risk of identity theft, money laundering and financial fraud.

Use of modern trading technology

Another of the notable features that you will find at OrbitGTM is their use of modern trading technology. They understand that the trading platform is one of the most important features for traders, due to which they have used state-of-the-art technology to develop a modern and flexible trading solution. You can use the web-based platform that requires no downloading or installation, or you can download the Android trading app and enjoy trading on the move.

The advanced technology ensures quick and fast trade execution at OrbitGTM so you don’t miss on any market movements. The platform also has an intuitive interface to make it easy to navigate and has been equipped with top-notch trading tools for smart and profitable decision-making. These include an economic calendar, risk management tools, live charts and graphs, technical indicators, price alerts and trading signals.

Access to major markets

The fact that you can access some of the biggest and renowned financial markets at OrbitGTM is a solid reason to sign up with this platform. You don’t have to manage multiple accounts for enjoying the potential of different markets and it allows you to diversify as much as you want in order to enjoy the profits, while keeping your risks low. Their asset offerings are extremely impressive because they belong to the forex, stock, indices, commodities, cryptocurrency and treasuries as well. You will be able to find something that suits your risk appetite and can help you achieve your goals, just as you want.

A professional team for assistance

When you are trading online, you don’t want to slow down because there are problems and OrbitGTM has made an effort to ensure you don’t have to do that. How? This is because they have a professional team that’s always ready to provide any assistance you might need at any time. You don’t have to sit around waiting for a response because they are available 24/5. You can contact them via email, or give them a call on the given number. There is also an online contact form that you can fill for scheduling a callback and an FAQ section that gives answers.

Concluding Thoughts

Suffice it to say, OrbitGTM is more than capable of delivering a seamless and optimal trading experience to every trader who signs up on its platform.

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