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Greetings, Maure Castle fans! In the wake of the cancellation of the DUNGEON Magazine license by Wizards of the Coast, Rob has decided to make some Maure Castle content available free of charge, so that those who are currently running a Maure Castle campaign will be able to complete it. The first offering in this section is The Mysterious Maure.


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Posted: 01/31/07

The end date for ordering the Limited Edition of Bottle City™ is today, January 31, 2007, at 8:00 pm CST. At that time the order buttons on the website will be disabled. We wish to thank the many grand supporters who purchased this edition!

A list of Sponsors for BC LE will be posted on the website very soon, taking into account that I am busy writing and shipping two products, so please have patience if it takes a few days.

Thanks again for your great support!

Tower of Blood Update:
We will be taking delivery of the Tower of Blood booklets and covers on Friday. We then start collating the orders, printing out the certificates, signing, and packing for shipment. It's been quite a wait considering the hurdles, but the books look extra-fine, the covers are superb, in fact, and all else is A++. Thanks for your patience and dedication to PPP, as we do appreciate it.

The Original Living Room™ Update:
I have received the order for the Living Room from another local printer today and we are collating and packing these for shipment. These will be shipped before Tower of Blood by about one week (estimated), starting tomorrow.

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