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Greetings, Maure Castle fans! In the wake of the cancellation of the DUNGEON Magazine license by Wizards of the Coast, Rob has decided to make some Maure Castle content available free of charge, so that those who are currently running a Maure Castle campaign will be able to complete it. The first offering in this section is The Mysterious Maure.

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Cairn of the Skeleton King - Author Special Preface

Welcome to the ways of Enchantment Old School style. It is with deep pleasure that I present this work for your enjoyment! If you were one of the many fine people who voted for and supported this project to its end, I cannot thank you enough, and your names have been duly highlighted upon the front matter of this work so that such unselfish support is recognized by all.

The adventure before you is my attempt to display the wonders of a supposedly “bygone era” of FRPG. Its outward design speaks enough for that without perusing the text, but between the covers is where you will find what has been lost to many adventures today, and hopefully what I have once again summoned for this particular product in whole or in part. And that is Enchantment. Pure and simple story-unfoldment promoted by action and not dreary dialogue, with healthy doses of newness and mystery, a balanced narrative as opposed to frivolous, run-on descriptions -- in summary, straight forward entertainment in a grand and invocative style.

Upon deciding to use such a product as presented here one must hearken back to the exhortations of Old School champions like Gary Gygax. The GM has, if you will, a “skeletal” framework to function with when incorporating material of this sort into their campaigns. No matter its size or how detailed a work becomes it is impossible for anyone during its many phases to fully realize every idea presented. This work is no different from others in that regard, and there is actually more here than meets the immediate eye and which is easily expanded on by the resourceful GM. I give guides where needed, but on the main the GM is the final arbiter of his or her own campaign and the material they decide to use within that framework. In all such products you will find “wholes” which quickly become “parts” as GMs begin using their various creative inputs to make these distinctly their own. In my estimation this scenario provides ample room for them to do just that and then some.

I now welcome you most heartily to turn the ancient and time-honored page of Old School forward again! And not only in this offering but in those to follow, the fans and God willing!


Robert Kuntz
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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