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Greetings, Maure Castle fans! In the wake of the cancellation of the DUNGEON Magazine license by Wizards of the Coast, Rob has decided to make some Maure Castle content available free of charge, so that those who are currently running a Maure Castle campaign will be able to complete it. The first offering in this section is The Mysterious Maure.

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Cairn of the Skeleton King Sponsors

Green Dragon (Full): Ian Montgomery, Paul Stormberg, David Witts, Allan Grohe, Michael Stone, Alan Silcock, Martin Wright, Kynan Conor, Robert Paluch, Shawn & Devon Hibbs, Emiliano Marchetti, Barry W. Smith, Mark Holloway, Mike Frank, D. M. Whitfileld, Mario Barbati, David Smith, Matt, Logan & Cameron Roberts, Richard Eastgate, Joe Maccaronne, John Kolinski, Morgan Hazel, David Reilly, Derrick Landwehr, Tim Thraikill, Anthony Allen, John Hershberger.

Gold Dragon: Frank Mentzer, Erik Mona, Ian Montgomery, James Brown, Brian McKeeber, Lindley Davis, Adrian Newman, Brendon, Marika, Eloise, Olivia & Pip Muller, John Seibel, “YorkusRex.”

Silver Dragon: Paul Munson, “Rhuvein,” Brian Erickson, Nicolas Delzenne, Colin R. Steward, Mike Rowlatt, Charles Bartholomew, Bryan Dean, Thorsten Schneider, Jeff Austin, Martin Gillette.

Bronze Dragon: Shane Glodoski, Brian Clarke, Andreas Claren, Brian Kawano, Mike Bodalato, Lance Hawvermale, Randolph Metras, Mike Stewart, Gabor Lux, Sean Cutter, Pete Flores, Lance Ofenloch, Anthony Burgstahler, Greg Tatro, Patterson Brown, John Abner, David Wilson, Joe Connelly, David Johnson, S. D. Montgomery, Jennifer Leahy, Christopher Spatola, Damian McCarthy, Jeffrey Stevenson, Christopher Yoder.

Single Sponsors: Jeff Talanian, Mark Tarrabain, Richard Scott, Randy Hoffman, Chris Finch, Jason Cone, Merlin Cox, Brad W. Freeman, Michael Bauser, Jr., Justin Folkerts, Mark Yaeger, Gary Welsh, Algis Remeza, Michael Gross, Kevin Boudreua, Tom McVicar, Lawrence Ore, James Kramer, Conor Shiel, Stephen De Chellis, Scott Meredith, Elise Yerkey, Kevin Doughty, Steven Edwards, Jesse Stebenne, John Paquette, David Driscoll, Mark Shipley, Leopold Travis, Jens Kaufmann, Andrew Boxhall, Richard Franks, Gregory Susman, Steve Sweiker, Mike Cryonek, James Blair, Michael Kowsari, Vince Lehto, Richard Barton, Arlene Haffa, Anthony Roberson, Steven Smith, Eugene Weigel, David DeStefano, Wade Gottschalk, Scott Woodward, Eric Bergeron, Anthony Volk, Matt Finch, Daniel Stanton.

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