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The Original Living Room™ is now available. Click here to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


Tower of Blood was sent to the printer today and we expect to start shipping it at the end of the month! PPP would like to thank all of its customers and fans for their patience and understanding.


Pied Piper Publishing will soon be accepting pre-orders for the Limited Edition of The Original Bottle City™. Click here for full details. Don't miss out on ordering your own personalized copy of this prized artifact from The Lake Geneva Castle & Campaign.


Pied Piper Publishing is proud to launch its new line of products for The Lake Geneva Castle & Campaign with The Original Living Room™.

This item will be available soon, so please check back often and don't miss out on owning this vital piece of old-school gaming history.

The Original Lake Geneva Castle & Campaign™

The Lake Geneva Castle & Campaign™ is a new line of products straight from the vault of Robert J. Kuntz! We are proud to bring this exciting line of grand set-pieces, special levels and whole adventures to the FRP gaming community!

As the co-GM of the original Lake Geneva campaign, Rob Kuntz created numerous castle, city and outdoor adventures and set-pieces.  Rather than have these lost to time, he has decided to offer these in a format which hearkens back to the original Palace of the Vampire Queen by Wee Warriors, which was produced with an eye to economy.

Each offering in the line will be professionally written by Rob Kuntz, will have one or more B&W maps and a single front cover piece illustrated by either James Holloway (Cairn of the Skeleton King), Eric Bergeron (Bottle City) or Jason Braun (Tower of Blood).  They will be printed on 24#* color paper stock and packaged in a protective sleeve, and each of the 300 issued will be numbered #1 of 300, #2 of 300, etc. Rob Kuntz will also sign these.†

The major idea with this new line is to make these historical pieces available to the FRP community as quickly and efficiently as possible, nothwithstanding Pied Piper’s other product offerings.

Below is a list of LGC&C™ products to be released within the coming months. The first two products slated for back-to-back release are The Original Living Room™ and The Original Bottle City™, the latter in both limited collectors and standard formats.

Rob Kuntz welcomes you to enjoy his many formative adventures and other original campaign information he had so much fun with before the beginnings of our great industry!

*The front cover pieces wil be printed on 60# or greater cover stock.

† Pied Piper Publishing will release 300 limited signed and numbered copies of each product. PPP reserves the right to issue as many non-signed and non-numbered standard copies in the same format and style as the original collector's release. To check on product availability please reference our website,, and follow the links to the appropriate title.

Upcoming LGC&C™ Releases!

  • The Original Living Room™. The Original Castle had many interesting areas in it designed by Rob Kuntz, some of which were part and parcel of his Castle El Raja Key™. The Living Room was a hilarious romp for unexpecting PCs and a GM treat which broke the monotony of yet another monster encounter. A grand set-piece complete with additional source material to make your own Living Room come alive. Front cover illustration by Jim Holloway! Availablility: 9 January 2007. Click here for more information.

  • The Original Bottle City™. It's a fantastic city in a bottle! But what is held within it? And how does one escape it once one enters it? The Bottle City was one of the largest design projects that Rob Kuntz undertook as the co-GM of the Original Lake Geneva Castle & Campaign. Located on the 2nd level of the Original Castle, it stupefied many veteran adventurers, that is until they touched the bottle itself and the real fun began! The Bottle City will be releaed in two special formats -- as a collectors special edition and as a standard edition. Designed for PC levels 8-12 with a lot of smarts, and it includes the original scan of the map drawn back in 1973! Availability: 9 January 2007 for the Special Limited Collectors Edition. Click here for more information. The Standard Edition will be released soon following the printing of the special edition. Please check our future news releases for the specific release date.
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