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Merlynd's Castle
(Illustration by Eric Bergeron)
KK1 - Merlynd's Castle

An Adventure for Levels 2-5.
By Robert J. Kuntz.

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Don Kaye was the co-founder of Tactical Studies Rules, who unfortunately passed away too soon after TSR's creation. Don, in keeping with the excitement created by the advent of D&D™, created his own castle-dungeons in which he DMed one person: a then-18-year old lad by the name of Rob Kuntz. Rob pays tribute to Don's memory in this classic dungeon crawl which recreates Don's castle from notes and memories, and which includes a brief but detailed glimpse of the man behind the wizard who had such an integral part in shaping our industry and the game we love so much.

More Updates to follow. Price: TBA.

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