Tower of Blood  by Robert J. Kuntz & Lance Hawvermale

Dear Prospective Sponsor:

Pied Piper Publishing is seeking sponsors for its upcoming product line which will consist of adventures and source books compatible with the most ADVANCED FRP games. Its second adventure release, Tower of Blood, will see publication within the next 60-90 days and this is the most current product for which PPP is soliciting sponsorship.

Product/Program Details: The 48 page adventure will be written by myself and Lance Hawvermale in the OLD SCHOOL style and will have color cover art rendered by Jim Holloway, who has produced many excellent illustrations for TSR and other fine game publishers. These will be signed and numbered limited editions and the expected print run will be no more than 500 copies. Each copy will be individually wrapped and closed with a special seal. Every level except Bronze and individual will come with a special certificate. All participants, and at what levels they participated, will be listed in the front matter of the product under “Friends of Pied Piper Publishing.” Participants may opt not to be listed. There will be no reprints of this special edition.

The sponsorship packages will be mailed as soon as the books come off the press. Details of the project’s completion and the expected date of issue will be posted on all participating sites and at

Thank You For Your Patronage!

Robert J. Kuntz

Sponsorship levels ($15.95 per copy + Shipping & Handling)
2 copies: Bronze Level, SUBSCRIBER. This carries no certificate, but includes the signed and numbered copies.
3 or 4 copies: Silver Level, SPONSOR. This includes a SILVER DRAGON Certificate signed and numbered by the author.
5 or more copies: Gold Level, PATRON. This includes a GOLD DRAGON Certificate signed and numbered by the author.

Includes “26” Runic Copies (A-Z) and then numbered copies thereafter
2 copies + 20.00 additional pledge ($15.95 x2 +20.00)
3 copies + 30.00 additional pledge ($15.95 x3 +30.00)
4 copies + 40.00 additional pledge ($15.95 x4 +40.00)
5 copies + 50.00 additional pledge ($15.95 x5 +50.00)

Shipping & Handling
Domestic Mail (U.S.):
First Class Mail: 1 copy -- $4.00 S&H
-- for each additional copy in same order, postage -- + $1.00

Air Mail: 1 copy -- $4.00 S&H
-- for each additional copy in same order, postage -- + $1.25

Overseas (All Countries):
Air Mail: 1 copy -- $7.50 S&H
-- 2 copies -- $12.00 S&H
-- for each additional copy (up to 5 total copies) in same order, postage -- + $1.50
-- please contact Rob directly for a shipping quote if ordering more than 5 copies!

(These postal rates are subject to change by the USPS.)

Please query for different shipping options, but it becomes very expensive to mail to Canada or overseas when one goes above Airmail.

Reserve Issues: There will be no reserving of numbers, but I will maintain a ledger and mark each as “issued” and to whom on a first come first serve basis.

Electronic orders are encouraged for all participants.

Note that any additional pledges in excess of the total are appreciated and will be to great use in sustaining the company’s publishing thrust!