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      Date: Nov 21, 2006
     Title: Thanksgiving 2006 - News and Updates

Happy Holidays from Pied Piper Publishing!

News and Updates:

Tower of Blood Being Finalized

I have received word from Allan Grohe that the final edit for {cms_selflink page='63' text='Tower of Blood'} will be finished in a few days. It will then proceed to layout for 2-4 days and then to the printer. There have been myriad delays with this project which we need not go into. The main concern has been that its quality meet or exceed that of {cms_selflink page='36' text='Cairn of the Skeleton King'}, so the problems which delayed its release have been taken care of and we are now in the final stretch.

Thanks to all those who have been patient during this time, a period which was also complicated to a certain degree by my recent marriage and honeymoon. The last was a good thing!

Pied Piper’s Product Schedule Updates.

Bottle City CD
(Illustration by Eric Bergeron)

Bottle City: After careful assessment and many printer quotes Pied Piper has decided not to release a print version of this esteemed dungeon which dates back to 1973. The full color 4-fold map would have raised the cost dramatically and Pied Piper cannot afford the outlay at this time for this nor does it wish to charge an extravagant price for such a product to make up for production costs.

There has been a great demand for this dungeon, so PPP decided to look at options to make this available to collectors and gamers and will now be releasing Bottle City as a CD Collector’s version. This will be available as a limited run of 400 CDs, numbered, and will include a bonus dungeon from the RJK Collection, “Dark Druids.” This is the original scan of that ancient and glorious adventure circa 1975 and will include the CU and d20 versions as well, making the Bottle City CD a great value. Availability: December 1st. Price: $19.95 plus $4.00 domestic and $6.00 international shipping and handling. Look to our website for more updates and ordering information.

A New Line of Products!

Lake Geneva Castle & Campaign™

Pied Piper is proud to announce a new line of affordable and creative products -- the original Lake Geneva Castle & Campaign™.

Lake Geneva Campaign
(Illustration by James Holloway)

The intent of this line is to make some of the rarer pieces which I created for the original campaign which I was the co-DM of available for purchase. In keeping with our philosophy to give more playing value for the buck, PPP will release these products in a simple format, numbered and limited editions of 300 each.

PPP will package these just as the very first printed module back in the day -- Palace of the Vampire Queen -- was packaged.  That means 24# paper stock jammed with type and packaged in a poly bag. James Holloway will be drawing the inked covers for these. The front cover sample follows from the first product, The Original Living Room™ which will be available for purchase around December 10th. Price: $9.95 and $3.00 S&H.

Look to our website for more updates on this line of venerable set-pieces and adventures from the the original campaign!

{cms_selflink page='36' text='Cairn of the Skeleton King'} News

The resounding success of our first product, CAS1, is now almost complete as the print run is almost exhausted. Only 40 copies remain, so make sure to get yours before X-mas!

The “Holloway Connection”

James Holloway and PPP have been working closely to bring our fans a line of affordable prints based on our products. These will include never before seen prints especially rendered for each release. More news will follow on this line of products as we reach a release date for the first one.

Have a Great Holiday Season!

Be sure to visit our website for product updates and breaking news! {cms_selflink page='15' text=''}

Rob Kuntz