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City of Brass, and Hidden Realms of Zayene, soon to be announced. A quick summary of each, below:

City of Brass (CoB)

The long awaited treatment on the fabled City of Brass and its environs. Most likely to be released in two parts. The original cover will soon be posted here. Although CoB is not a sequel to the tournament module "Journey to the City of Brass," this tourny module was written by Mr. Kuntz years ago, and was recently released by him into the public domain. It is available at The Acaeum, an excellent resource for DnD history.

Hidden Realms of Zayene

The insanity continues in yet another realm of the mad wizards contrivance. Can this mad wizard ever be killed and brought to justice?

Includes many new feats, and skills, and an ultra-strange, new environment created by Zayene. A roller coaster ride into the weird, unlike any other previous gaming experience.